Why Choosing a Contractor Experienced with Body Corporates is Vital for Your Brisbane Property

Chris Hampson, owner of Remedial Property Solutions in Brisbane understands the critical requirements for servicing body corporate properties in Brisbane.

Waterproofing Planter Boxes – Why Choosing a Specialist is Crucial

In this article, we’ll aim to answer most of the questions about waterproofing Brisbane property owners ask us, as well as provide you with a couple of water damage scenarios that could benefit from expert waterproofing solutions such as those provided by Remedial Property Solutions.

Balcony repairs in multi-residential properties

A leaking balcony Brisbane or leaking planter box Brisbane is one of the most costly defects to go untreated in a multi-residential building. Considering the volume of potential water, and the potential area that those leaks may impact, a leaking rooftop balcony is at high risk of causing costly repairs. Most multi-residential properties Brisbane take

Negative vs Positive Side Waterproofing

Questions often arise over the difference between and requirements of positive and negative side waterproofing. Positive side waterproofing is the predominant type of waterproofing applied to new constructions. This is the application of a waterproof membrane on the outside of a building – to prevent groundwater from entering the brick or substrate.  The downside to

Waterproofing Planter Boxes and Rooftop Gardens

Few areas require such diligent waterproofing as the common planter box or rooftop garden. In recent years it has become even more popular to take advantage of rooftops, balconies and common areas to grow ornamental gardens, trees or even communal vegetable gardens. Creating environmentally friendly green roofs has become exceptionally popular for many reasons. These

The Issue With Rising Damp

Rising damp is the term used to describe the slow movement of water from the lower parts of a structure to higher areas. This very common problem is often seen in older buildings and homes and also in newer buildings that have not been constructed with a properly installed damp-proof course. Rising damp happens when

Common Bathroom Mistakes Owner-Renovators Make

Planning the perfect new bathroom or bathroom renovation takes careful consideration and there are many areas where this job can go astray. Unless this is your trade, you should always engage the services of certified tradesman who can provide the necessary certificates and insurances. These are some of the common mistakes owner-renovators often make when

Signs you have a bathroom leak

One of the most alarming discoveries for a homeowner (aside from finding termites) is discovering a major leak in your bathroom. Bathrooms are a significant investment in your home – often representing the most expensive room per square metre. This means a leak could result in expensive replacements and repairs. Therefore, early detection is crucial

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