The Cost To Repair A Leaking Balcony

Posted March 7, 2022

Want To Know How We Calculate The Cost To Repair A Leaking Balcony? Read On

Are you dealing with a balcony leak after all the rain we’re having in Queensland? Have you tried to seal your leaking balcony yourself, but still find it leaks the next time it rains? Are you trying to work out what you should do to repair your leaking balcony? Are you wondering what the cost to repair a leaking balcony is? Or even – how to find a balcony leak?

We at Remedial Property Solutions have repaired countless balcony leaks over our 15 years in the industry and wanted to share some of this knowledge on to you to help avoid costly issues down the line. In this blog, we list some tips on how to deal with a leaking balcony and the cost to repair a leaking balcony.

Caulking To Repair A Leaking Balcony Does Not Always Work

We find that many homeowners attempt to silicone the areas up, wrongly assuming that this will resolve the balcony leak, or hire an inexperienced handyman to apply caulking as a repair solution, only to discover later, after they paid, that rain comes and the balcony is still leaking.

What Is The Cost To Repair A Leaking Balcony?

This all depends on how big the balcony is, what type of materials needed and accessibility.

Remedial Property Solutions use a few methods to pinpoint leaks. These methods include:

  • Hydrostatic water leak testing
  • Heat drying equipment

Using these methods is critical to finding leaks within your balcony to locate the issue at its source and fix it before any further damage can occur.

What To Consider When Waterproofing Your Balcony

There are several things to consider when waterproofing your balcony after a leak, and the first is not the cost to repair a leaking balcony. What type of materials do you have? Are the substrates compromised? What is the severity of the leak? Where is it leaking from?

At Remedial Property Solutions, we use over 15 years of specialist industry experience to identify the problem and make sure the job is done correctly, first time, every time to avoid any costly callouts in future.

QBCC Certified

All of our professional waterproofing team members are highly skilled and trained in accordance with QBCC certifications, regulations and standards. We’re experts in leaking balcony repairs and balcony waterproofing, which Brisbane property owners need because remedial work in multi-residential and commercial properties is our forte. We only hire the best people and use the best materials available.

If you own property in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast contact Remedial Property Solutions today to get a quote on the cost to repair a leaking balcony.

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