What is Waterproofing Brisbane?

Posted April 6, 2022

What is Waterproofing: Brisbane Expert Advice to Keep Your Home Safe

We’re often asked about waterproofing and why waterproofing in Brisbane is important if you want to maintain the integrity of your property.

In this article, we’ll aim to answer most of the questions about waterproofing Brisbane property owners ask us, as well as provide you with a couple of water damage scenarios that could benefit from expert waterproofing solutions such as those provided by Remedial Property Solutions.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is defined as coating a surface, such as the concrete floors and walls with a waterproof membrane to prevent water seepage and leaks in your property. Businesses like ours specialise in waterproofing you can rely on not to let you down, particularly in wet areas like the bathroom, laundry and balcony.

Essentially, the waterproof membrane acts as a barrier between the water and your floors or walls, soaking up any water that may be present in the area and directing it to drainage.

Why is Waterproofing in Brisbane So Important?

Waterproofing in Brisbane (or any home throughout the country) is particularly important if you want to avoid unnecessary damage to your property. Water damage, especially that from wet areas like the laundry, balcony and bathroom can easily infiltrate the walls and floors of your home.

If this water damage is not picked up on in time, or averted with quality waterproofing such as that installed by the team at Remedial Property Solutions – the experts in waterproofing Brisbane trusts – then you run the risk of increased water damage, which may infiltrate your walls and cause lasting surface or even structural damage to your home and property.

When you don’t have qualified waterproofing experts complete waterproofing Brisbane clients are likely to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars correcting issues within their property, so much more than it would have cost you to simply install waterproofing in the first place.

Three Water Damage Scenarios That Would Have Benefited from Waterproofing in Brisbane

So what is a potential water damage issue, and what solutions residents benefit from when installing waterproofing in Brisbane?

Bathroom & Laundry Leaks

Bathrooms and laundries are some of the two most common places that would benefit from expert waterproofing in Brisbane. As key wet areas in the home, they see a lot of water and are prone to leaks and other water seepage from laundry sinks and showers.

Like with all our waterproofing Brisbane clients require, the best way to avoid water damage and leaks is to:

  • Ensure drain pipes are as clear as possible
  • Install or fix grout and sealant in walls
  • Install quality waterproofing

Excess Water on Balconies

It may seem like a small area, but our experts in waterproofing in Brisbane often see the balcony become a problem area if quality waterproofing solutions aren’t installed.

Because it is outdoors (even if covered by a roof), it is technically open to the elements, and is often the one area owners forget to waterproof when building a house.

But if you’re in a high-rise or multi-storey residential complex, a balcony that does not have waterproofing, particularly waterproofing in Brisbane – where we often get severe storms and volatile weather – you could be setting yourself up for some severe water damage issues, not only on the surface level but structurally as well.

The best way to combat this is to make your area as safe from bad weather as possible. Install shutters or blinds to enclose the space, and certainly install waterproofing Brisbane residents can rely on to make your balcony as water resistant as you can.

Excess Water in Planterboxes

Again, it may seem like a small space, but another one of the places we find water damage has been caused by planter boxes on balconies. If you fail to waterproof your planter box on a balcony or high rise, you’re really asking for trouble because the water has nowhere to drain into than the floor below.

Property owners and tenants may then see an increase in structural issues, especially in their flooring or roofing.

The only real way to combat this is, along with all the other scenarios here, is to install waterproofing.

When to Call in the Waterproofing Experts

While there are endless videos and articles online that show you how to waterproof an area yourself, the only true way you can ensure you’re getting waterproofing Brisbane property owners or tenants can trust to keep their home as safe from water damage as possible, is to call the team at Remedial Property Solutions.

We’re the experts in waterproofing Brisbane homeowners know will be quality, first time, every time.

To speak to an expert about your waterproofing in Brisbane, contact the team today.

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