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Proud member of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing

Australian Institute of Waterproofing

Remedial Property Solutions is a proudly Australian-owned family business. Our broad range of skills and comprehensive experience culminates to create a truly unique service that provides our customers with a premium service and lifelong resource and support.

Understandably your property – whether it is for personal use or provides you with an income – is an exceptionally valuable asset. You will want to ensure it is in the best hands possible – with a thorough plan in place to protect it well into the future.

Specialising in multi-residential properties, we have vast experience in liaising between various owners, body corporates, commercial property owners and tenants.

When employing the services of Remedial Property Solutions, you can be assured all work is completed by professional and licensed tradesmen, we are fully insured and guarantee our workmanship and all products used. We are a proud member of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing and commit to broadening our knowledge base in many different facets of remedial works, waterproofing, protective coatings and concrete repair.

Welcome to Remedial Property Solutions, where expertise meets dedication in delivering top-notch waterproofing, tiling, and remedial rectification services. Owned and operated by Chris Hampson, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of industry experience, we are your go-to family-owned small business based right here in sunny Brisbane.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to every project we undertake. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Chris has built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional results time and time again.

What truly sets us apart is our genuine love for fostering long-term relationships, especially within the realm of body corporates. Chris thrives on repeat business and values the connections formed through collaborative ventures with body corporates across Brisbane. We understand the intricacies and challenges inherent in working with multiple owners under the umbrella of a body corporate, and we’re here to navigate those complexities with ease.

When tackling projects for a body corporate, we carefully consider a range of complexities, including:

  1. Legal and Compliance Hurdles: Navigating through the maze of legal requirements, building codes, and compliance regulations to ensure all works meet the necessary standards.

  2. Effective Stakeholder Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication and coordination with various stakeholders, including property managers, committee members, and individual unit owners.

  3. Budgetary Constraints: Working within budget limitations while still delivering high-quality solutions that cater to the collective needs of all owners involved.

  4. Minimal Disruption Strategies: Implementing strategies to minimise disruption to residents and tenants during the construction or repair process, ensuring a smooth operation from start to finish.

  5. Access and Security Management: Addressing access issues and maintaining security measures throughout the project duration to safeguard the property and its occupants.

Director Chris Hampson

6. Long-Term Maintenance Planning: Providing expert recommendations for long-term maintenance plans to preserve the integrity of the building and mitigate future risks effectively.

At Remedial Property Solutions, we’re committed to exceeding expectations and delivering results that stand the test of time. Whether it’s waterproofing, tiling, or remedial works, you can count on us to deliver tailored solutions backed by years of expertise. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project needs and experience firsthand the difference of working with a team dedicated to excellence


At Remedial Property Solutions, we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm towards giving our customers an outstanding experience in customer service and quality workmanship.

We are transparent with our quoting, realistic with our timeframes and absolutely committed to providing the most comprehensive guarantees on both our work and our products.


Our vision is to create long term relationships with our customers and provide them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property and assets are thoroughly protected well into the future.


Our skilled tradespeople possess all the necessary licenses and qualifications that enable them to safely work at heights, work in confined spaces, operate elevated work platforms and perform high risk work over 11 metres off the ground. We will supply and operate the required machinery and equipment to access these difficult to reach areas in a safe manner.


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