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Bathroom Repairs


Remedial Property Solutions offer comprehensive bathroom repairs. We use thermal imaging cameras to detect the source of the problem and discover how to deliver the best solution. Our team are trained to detect a leak using thermal imaging cameras as well as other various methods to determine the source and subsequent damage.

Shower leak detection testing sequence

1. Plumbing combination pressure test

2. Penetrations inspection

3. Shower floor / floor and wall junction test

4. Shower floor barrier – hob/angle test

5. Corner flashing and external corners

6. Screens

7. Penetration testing

Shower leak detection tests are a non-intrusive functional test to isolate shower components and subject them to direct water testing. Remedial Property Solutions provide clients with detailed reports as well as providing recommendations detailing the process required to rectify and repair.

Our team at Remedial Property Solutions provide management of the entire process for bathroom remedial repairs this includes coordinating any external trades required as well as the supply of all materials and equipment needed throughout the project.

Common applications for bathroom repair and remediation work

Signs of a water leak in wet area or bathroom

Mould and mildew

Bacteria that cause mould and mildew require continuous water to survive. If you notice any of these signs, there could be a chronic moisture issue in your wet area.

Peeling paint

If the paint is separating from the surface of the wall it is an indication that there is more moisture in the air than is typical for a wet area. This is often the result of a slow leak hidden within the bathroom.

Ceiling stains

Ceilings of rooms underneath a second storey wet area will appear to have a brown or rust-coloured stain if there is a leak in the wet area above.

Carpet staining

Visible stains on carpet in adjacent rooms indicates there is a leak somewhere within the wet area.


If there is a persistent musty odour that continues despite ventilation it is a strong indication of a leak.

Floor damage

If a floor covering becomes loose or swollen, this is a sign that there could be a shower leak.

Most common causes of bathroom leaks

Discovering a water leak in your bathroom can often seem daunting and costly at first, however, early detection provides a huge cost saving and rarely requires a complete bathroom renovation. Our experienced team can detect and rectify leaks in the early stages and repairs are far less costly than if left untreated. Remedial Property Solutions uses high quality products and provide experienced, professional workmanship.

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Remedial Property Solutions services Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Our licensed professional team is experienced and we provide a comprehensive bathroom repair and remediation service.

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