Protective Coatings

We specialise in multi-residential
protective coatings


Remedial Property Solutions works with asset owners, property managers, body corporates as well as builders to develop the best possible outcome for the protection and refurbishment of assets. 

With 15 years’ experience our technicians are highly experienced in protective coatings, with vast knowledge in all areas from surface preparation through to selection of the optimal product and completion for the best long-term protection of all assets.

Our Remedial Property Solutions technicians are fully licensed experts. We ensure each project is appropriately assessed prior to commencement to ensure the best possible outcome for protecting the asset. These assets include but are not limited to water treatment plants, secondary containment bunds, commercial or industrial floors, floors that require abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant and chemical-resistant coatings.

Common application systems

Using only high-quality materials our protective coatings are ideal for any size job. Every job is handled by a professional licensed technician. We are fully licensed and insured. Our protective coating services are cost-effective and will protect your assets for many years.

Common application areas

Protective coatings are an essential step for both new assets and assets requiring refurbishment and life extension. Protective coatings protect valuable assets against impact and abrasion, deterioration from chemical attack and even wear from foot traffic and vehicle traffic.

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About protective coatings and how to apply the coatings

Depending on the particular asset that is to be protected, Remedial Property Solutions has various products and application methods. Some of these products are applied using high-pressure plural spray equipment, low-pressure plural and single spray equipment, roll-on or even self-levelling epoxies applied using unique industry techniques.

Products chosen for protective coatings are selected for their optimal performance in the various applications and are guaranteed to perform in various Australian climate conditions.

From small jobs to large-scale industrial or commercial projects, Remedial Property Solutions are experienced and will apply a unique approach to deliver the best result for the most competitive price. Residential, commercial and industrial applications vary in how their assets are used, however the required result is the long-term protection and life extension of an asset – therefore Remedial Property Solutions is confident in delivering the best result.

We understand our commercial and industrial clients often have highly-regulated requirements therefore we work with you to ensure the best possible result.

We understand our commercial and industrial clients often have highly-regulated requirements therefore we work with you to ensure the best possible result.

Six reasons you should consider protective coatings


Here at Remedial Property Solutions we are fast, professional and cost effective. As industry leaders we use the latest equipment and are up-to-date to Australian standards.

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