Concrete Repairs

We specialise in multi-residential
Concrete Repairs


Specialising in concrete repairs Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

At Remedial Property Solutions we offer concrete repairs to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Remedial Property Solutions offer a range of tailored services to repair and restore the structural integrity of concrete. When concrete deteriorates due to age, impact, movement in the earth below, weather impact or chemical attack, repairs are required to ensure damage does not worsen or weaken adjacent structures or assets.

Methods to restore integrity to concrete assets include concrete grinding and cutting, void filling, crack repairs, joint repairs and replacement of steel reinforcement within.

Concrete repair services

If the damage to your concrete is left untreated it can result in severe property damage and

can end up costing you many thousands in repairs and subsequent damage for property or assets.

Signs that your concrete is in trouble.

What can cause concrete damage?


At Remedial Property Solutions our Brisbane concrete repair specialists will carry out

repairs and restoration of damaged concrete structures. These repairs often include epoxy crack injection, waterproofing, joint sealing and resealing, rising damp protection and water seepage. Applications often include water tanks and underground basements or carparks.

Remedial Property Solutions technicians are experienced with clients from residential to industrial and commercial. Our team will carefully assess at the affected area and will discuss the process with you.

We are trained and up to date with the latest standards to ensure our repair work is of the highest quality. At Remedial Property Solutions our fully-licensed technicians use only the highest quality products.


Concrete cancer can destroy homes or buildings if left untreated, it can also pose a risk of injury from falls. Concrete cancer is a build-up of rust which deepens within concrete, expanding up to seven times its original size, often causing irreversible damage.

Concrete Repairs Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Our concrete repair specialists investigate and test the concrete to assess the cause and confirm repair requirements prior to the completion of the job. At Remedial Property Solutions we use a variety of methods to reinstate the integrity of the concrete. We also recommend that following any repair work a protective coating be applied to prevent the damage from reoccurring.

We appreciate the importance of protecting your property therefore we take pride in our work using only high-quality materials. Our Remedial Property Solutions technicians only use Australian standard products – these types of products will ensure solid and permanent solutions.

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