Crack Injection

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Crack Injection


Two-part crack injection products are applied by skilled professionals, trained at detecting water leaks. Any type of cracking within a building indicates that a concrete structure has been forced to absorb the energy of some stress.

Remedial Property Solutions Brisbane offers specific repair options where a leaking crack can be quickly and securely sealed. Crack injection is commonly incorporated as part of a remedial waterproofing system where topical or negative pressure membranes are included as part of the complete system.

The team at Remedial Property Solutions will identify the crack and select the appropriate injection method using unique industry techniques. There are two types of injection systems that Remedial Property Solutions use depending on the type of crack. The first is an epoxy injection system used for a non-active (not leaking) that restores the structural integrity of the concrete. The second system is for active (leaking) crack that requires the use of a polyurethane injection system that reacts with water, forming a watertight seal within the concrete crack.

Common applications for crack injection

Our team uses three main techniques for injecting concrete cracks

High-pressure packer injection

Syringe or gravity injection

Paste-on packer injection

Causes of concrete cracking

Remedial Property Solutions services properties across Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast and across South East Queensland. Our licensed and trained professional team have over 15 years of experience in crack injection, repair of concrete cracks and repair of leaking cracks in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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