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Water Leak Locator Service

If you’ve got a leak in your property, you need a water leak locator service you can rely on. Servicing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, our team at Remedial Property Solutions will source your water leak and put an end to all your water leak issues.


Remedial Property Solutions

For over 15 years, Remedial Property Solutions has seen it all, from remedial waterproofing to bathroom repairs to concrete repairs and protective coatings. When it comes to remedial property solutions, we are your one stop shop.


Water Leak Location Service

Sometimes the solution to remedial issues in your property can be as simple as finding the source of a water leak. But without a professional water leak locator service, how can you be sure you’ve truly found the original cause of your leak?

That’s where our water leak locator service team at Remedial Property Solutions comes in. Our water leak locator service professionals are skilled at finding and repairing the source of your water leak in any property, no matter the size or the issue.


How’s it done?

At Remedial Property Solutions we specialise in sourcing leaks and providing multi-level residency property owners with a water leak locator service they can rely on to work first time, every time. The main water leak detection tool we use is thermal imaging.

What’s Thermal Imaging

At Remedial Property Solutions, we use thermal imaging as our main tool for providing you with an accurate water leak locator service.  It allows us to detect the location of your leak quickly and efficiently, with little to no damage to your property. 

Technology used by our water leak locator service professionals is strong enough to detect leaks through tiles, concrete and walls, by measuring the surface temperature and gauging temperature changes to find the source of your leak.



Leak detection and major leaks, particularly in a multi-residential building are serious issues that must be addressed properly.

Our water leak locator service is run by professional tradesmen who show up on time as required. All our water leak repairs, and leak service operations are conducted according to QBCC legislation and regulations.


If you’re looking for a water leak locator service in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, look no further than Remedial Property Solutions.

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