Balcony repairs in multi-residential properties

A leaking balcony Brisbane or leaking planter box Brisbane is one of the most costly defects to go untreated in a multi-residential building. Considering the volume of potential water, and the potential area that those leaks may impact, a leaking rooftop balcony is at high risk of causing costly repairs. Most multi-residential properties Brisbane take

Negative vs Positive Side Waterproofing

Questions often arise over the difference between and requirements of positive and negative side waterproofing. Positive side waterproofing is the predominant type of waterproofing applied to new constructions. This is the application of a waterproof membrane on the outside of a building – to prevent groundwater from entering the brick or substrate.  The downside to

Waterproofing Planter Boxes and Rooftop Gardens

Few areas require such diligent waterproofing as the common planter box or rooftop garden. In recent years it has become even more popular to take advantage of rooftops, balconies and common areas to grow ornamental gardens, trees or even communal vegetable gardens. Creating environmentally friendly green roofs has become exceptionally popular for many reasons. These

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